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Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults

Adult Psychiatrist in Palo Alto, CA

When meeting with adults, I ask why they are consulting me, and about their goals for the evaluation and subsequent treatment. I gather the current history of symptoms and how these symptoms are impacting their social, educational, and work lives; past psychiatric history, – which treatments worked and which did not; family psychiatric history, educational, work, and social history, and history of substance use/abuse.

I conduct a detailed mental status exam to gauge the level of depression or anxiety that may be present, if there are any manic symptoms present; whether they have normal, linear thought or if they are psychotic, the quality of their judgment, and whether they are cognitively intact.

If the person is willing, I will gather collateral information from family members and their therapists. I will give my diagnostic impressions, and we will develop a treatment plan. If they are not in therapy, and are willing to go, I will provide referrals.

Dr. Trudy Hartman, M.D., provides a wide range of Psychiatric Services to patients visiting from Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Jose, San Mateo & surrounding areas.

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