Diagnostic Evaluation

Along with adult psychiatry, I also specialize in adolescent & child psychiatry in Menlo Park, CA. Schedule an appointment with me for a diagnostic evaluation.

Child and Adolescent Patients

For children under 14, I meet first with the parents to understand their goals for the evaluation and concerns about treatment. I take a complete history of the presenting problem – previous treatment, current stressors, symptoms and behaviors and their duration, the effects of the symptoms and behaviors on family and peers and on academic functioning.

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Adolescent Patients

I meet with an adolescent first, before the parents, since they should be developing autonomy from the family. This sequence underscores it is their treatment first and the family’s second.

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Adult Evaluations

When meeting with adults, I ask why they are consulting me, and about their goals for the evaluation and subsequent treatment. I gather the current history of symptoms and how these symptoms are impacting their social, educational, and work lives; past psychiatric history, – which treatments worked and which did not; family psychiatric history, educational, work, and social history, and history of substance use/abuse.

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