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A Resource Guide To Maintaining Good Mental Health

Dr. Trudy Hardman   |  


As a professional Psychiatrist, it’s essential for me to keep updated on the latest methods of treatment and discoveries about mental illnesses. Specialists like me need to find fresh sources with new and reliable information, so that I can diagnose and administer better treatment to my clients.

To stay current, I use a variety of online and offline sources to care better for my clients, while building stronger relationships with them. These tools allow me to provide exceptional service to all my clients, while also ensuring they receive the most up to date diagnostic evaluations and medical treatments available.

If you’re looking for the latest psychiatry trends, treatments, or diagnoses, I’m going to share some of my most valuable resources for all things related to maintaining good mental health.

1. American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

The American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is my primary source for up to date information and education on child and adolescent topics. It would be particularly useful for parents and patients to follow this link to Facts for Families. It provides two-page summaries of many different disorders.

2. American Psychiatric Association.

The American Psychiatric Association is my major source of up to date information and education on adult psychiatry topics. For patients, the most useful link on the site lists psychiatric conditions in alphabetical order, click here to check it out.

3. Mayo Clinic.

I also use Mayo Clinic, for information to guide my clients. If you do a Google search on Mayo Clinic, it will be easier to find the headings related to “Diseases and Conditions” and “Symptoms” related to mental illnesses.

In case you are concerned about your mental health or a loved one’s mental health, these resources can be a wonderful starting point to educate you and them about different symptoms and diagnoses. When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to Dr. Trudy Hartman for all your mental health questions and needs.

As one of the most experienced psychiatrists in Palo Alto, CA, I aim to ensure high quality, effective mental health treatment for every single one of my clients. I treat a wide variety of patients with diagnoses including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, panic, OCD, and psychotic disorders. To learn more, please visit my website or contact me by clicking here.