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Why You Should Choose Dr. Trudy Hartman

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Trudy Hartman

Mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, and addictions, are common medical problems. When these conditions interfere with your life, it could helpful if you consult a psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

While it can be difficult to ask for help with troubling feelings, or behaviors, once you decide to seek help, you need to find a psychiatrist or therapist who is right for you.

Your search for a psychiatrist should start with your primary care physician or therapist. You can also ask close friends and family members whom you trust. It can also include looking online for reviews.

I have done diagnostic evaluations and medication treatment for over twenty years and have many satisfied patients who refer their friends and family. Here are some reasons why.

Experience and Training: I have been in private practice as a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist for 25 years. After my undergraduate degree at U.C Berkeley, I earned my medical degree and did my child psychiatry fellowship at U.C. San Francisco, and my adult psychiatry residency at Stanford University.

Scheduling: Because I treat with medication (psychopharmacology), and do not do therapy, my schedule is open and flexible. I can usually book the first appointment (75 minutes) within one to two weeks. Commonly patients often have to wait for 1-2 months to see other psychiatrists.

Communication: I respond to telephone calls the same day, and urgent calls within hours. I do not use email because it is not secure enough for communicating sensitive clinical information. Established patients can reach me after hours for emergencies.

Integrated in the Local Community: As I have been practicing for 25 years in Palo Alto and Menlo Park and Fremont, I am well known among local medical doctors and therapists. I can refer patients to a broad range of therapists for children and adults, and will collaborate with a patient’s therapist so that we can provide the best possible care.

As a respected and experienced psychiatrist in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and surrounding areas, I offer the highest quality of care in a supportive environment. Patients feel at ease seeing me because I am both knowledgeable and approachable.

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